Introductory Tutorials

Never coded before? Not a problem! This is the place to learn game design. In no time, you will understand the basics of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and how they all fit together to create a fun, online experience for your users.

Start with the JavaScript primer. It breaks down the tools needed, how to set everything up, and then breaks down the fundamentals of coding in JS. Already know JavaScript but never made a game? Try the Phaser primer and learn how to implement the engine into your design.

JavaScript Primer

An introductory lesson into the basics of Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript

Webflow Basics

Learn how to use Webflow to take your website to the next level

Phaser Games Primer

Make your first game for the web using an incredible engine

Phaser Specific Tutorials

Want to implement a specific feature? These videos are for you.

Blinking Effect

Use a tween to create a blink on text, sprites, and more

Custom Fonts

Use any font in your game

Countdown Timer

Use text and a timer event to create a visual countdown

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